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Who We Are

Mocero Health Solutions is a SaaS-based healthcare IT solution provider that takes a data-driven approach to improve the standard of care and confront the clinical, administrative, and financial aspects of the healthcare ecosystem. We are seeking to revolutionize healthcare by providing secure and cutting-edge solutions that enable both healthcare providers and patients to deliver better health outcomes.

What We Do

The company is incubated at the Healthcare Technology Innovation Centre (HTIC), located at IIT-Madras Research Park (IITMRP), Taramani, Chennai. We help to bring low-cost innovation in health technology, mainly focusing on alleviating the operating challenges faced by healthcare providers, and improving the engagement and experience of patients in healthcare.

Transforming the Healthcare Ecosystem

Mocero's Future Vision where four people are Celebrating Success.

Our Timeline



Mocero is born, with incubation at the Healthcare Technology Innovation Centre (HTIC), IIT-Madras.


Launch of Ursugar.
Featured among the Top 3 Start-ups at the Asian Digital Health Summit, Malaysia.


Launch of Convenient Care and models for Gynecology and Orthopedic Hospitals.


Launch of Curola and Referral Management applications along with product consolidation.
TRANSTAN launch and signing in MJ BioPharma.


Secured seed investment of ₹ 1.4 Crore.
Winner of the IIT-M E-Cell business competition, NASSCOM Award, and TN GovTechThon.

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Healthcare SaaS is set to become the fastest growing vertical in the
Healthcare Industry, and Mocero is striving to be at its forefront!

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Our Values

Leadership, Hard work, Sincerity, Integrity, Team work, Consistency, and the Respect of others are principles we uphold at Mocero.

Life at Mocero

We promote flexibility by encouraging a flat organisational structure or hierarchy with freedom to approach and work across departments, resulting in well-rounded individuals.

Our Culture

A healthy work culture that we cherish includes satisfaction on the job, taking ownership of one’s work, and the freedom to fail while trying, but never not trying.

Awards and Recognition

Mocero in Press

We are proud to have been recognized for our work and efforts.

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